Will it Be a Tarpon Christmas In Key West

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Missile toe Tarpon

Tarpon season in Key West in recent years has seemed to have no beginning and no end coming full circle as we were able to catch tarpon any day of the week year round. As fishing guides Christmas week is very busy and only one thing can make it better and thats a warming trend to allow those mighty Silver Kings come sliding in from the Gulf of Mexico and reward us with some incredible Christmas week tarpon fishing.

Well, since the scare of global warming has been upon us the climate here in the last two years in Key West has indeed changed. Our winters are colder and water temps have plummeted to levels not seen in decades. Not a bad thing for tarpon fishing season but can have it’s affect on a Christmas wish for tarpon in Key West. Does not do much to bolster the global warming theory but who believes a guy who says he invented the internet. What a bozo..

So, here are the ingredients that i see it for a happy tarpon Christmas. First we need to be sure we have all been good boy and girl anglers as the tarpon gods will be checking the list more than twice making sure everyone has been good.
But seriously, Warmth, South Easterlies, Warmth, and Humidity thats all it will take. At this point my long range forecasts do not show it but we can all wish and see what Santa brings us.

I have seen low 60’s and hard northerlies for a few weeks on end with a change to 4 days of South Easterlies and a good 75 degree air temp warming trend bring those slob Gulf fish right in to dine on our ample bait selection. It could happen, but I am not thinking this year.

don’t fret. The cooler water temps and constantly changing weather will offer little angler boys and girls great opportunities for all sorts of goodies under the fishing tree to cast to and keep them happy out there on our backcountry waters of Key West, Florida.

Christmas fishing week is getting full so call us for last minute scheduling of your holiday on the water..

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