Soggy Fishing Report

The weather this week is looking a bit “drippy” .

If you are coming to Key West to fish or be on the water this week.. Call ahead.. If you have booked  a charter with us or any of the guides here in Key West drop a dime and say hello to find out exactly what is going on. The forecast sucks, right through the weekend. Be prepared… bring a rain jacket.

Key West has a ton of appeal this time of the year in the tropical rains.. lots of fun can be had, just not so much on the water.

We watch the weather here more than anyone. We look for possible windows to get out during these lows because the fishing can be awesome. Keep in touch with us and find out when those windows might be.

Today at Dream Catcher Charters we ran this morning on our weather policy, that states.. If you want to go… We will take you as long as there is no lightning or other weather anomalies that may make it unsafe.. HOWEVER… you have the right to say NO and get a full refund.. We have had this policy for 15 years and it works well for us..

There is NO REASON EVER for a fishing guide to ever take your money if the weather sucks and they do not go… Here is our ideas of bad weather… For Backcountry Fishing charters.. Not Offshore..

Raining NOW… and its not isolated..
Winds possibly over 30 mph
Lightning.. Consistent
Cold snap Temp dropped 20 degrees overnight.. (this will destroy our bite)

Dream Catcher Charters has the easiest weather conciliation policy around.

When these conditions prevail we have ‘the talk” at the dock before leaving… We say..  Its gonna suck out there. But its not unsafe.. Do you still wish you go.. You say yes… then we have a 4 hour minimum policy. If we leave the dock under your desire to go… There will be a 4 hour minimum charge for that trip. So, if it gets unbearable for you (even though we told you it sucked) and we have to return (even though you wanted to go) we charge a minimum of 4 hours. If you decide you don’t wish to go, we will reschedule you or offer  you a refund of your deposit and not bill you for a trip..

These policies only play when we deem them necessary. Key West weather is unpredictable to the trained weather men here. We as fishing guides know it better than anyone. We make the call.

About Capt. Steven Lamp
Dr Catcher Is - Capt. Steven Lamp - Owner of Dream Catcher Charters is a veteran Key West fishing guide for flats fishing, deep sea fishing, wrecks and reef fishing, and fly fishing. An expert waterman and licensed captain since 1986. A Veteran of the United States Coast Guard Heavy Weather Search and Rescue, I.G.F.A. Certified Captain and Standing regional board member of The Florida Fishing Guides Association