Backcountry Fishing Is Heating Up

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November 1 2018 – Late Summer like weather is the pattern that we are in right now here in Key West and the fishing is following suite completely. Its hard to tell that the first week of November is upon us but here it is. 85 degrees and sunny out with 10 – 15 mph winds out of the East and South east. With a little bit of a cool down last week the water temps dropped from the mid 80s to the upper seventies in most of the areas were we go backcountry fishing.

Juvenile tarpon

Juvenile tarpon fishing in the fall here in Key West.

Backcountry Fishing

Backcountry fishing this time of the year is a great way to enjoy  a fun day fishing Key West. Low stress, light sea conditions, affordable fishing charter and plenty of visual eye candy are the ingredients that make backcountry fishing charters the most popular way to go fishing here in Key West.  Light tackle fishing in and among the islands keeps the waves to a minimum, add that to the comfort of our bay boats you get a nice smooth ride and very little rocking and rolling while fishing on our spacious standing decks. Casting to whatever that eats the artificial lure or live bait is easy going and super fun. We find that this trip really appeals to folks that like to stay engaged with their fishing with casting and the surprise of the frequent catch. Backcountry fishing is popular with all levels and experience of anglers. Our Key West fishing guides can match the level of experience of anglers offering them more or less of a challenge by targeting certain Key West fish species and using specific tackle or just catching whatever will bite using spin fishing or fly fishing gear.

Backcountry Fishing Report

This week we have seen the mullet continue to make a mess out of our waters creating muds in the shallows this is a good thing. The Mullet muds are a great place to fish and offer our anglers an amazing fishery. Casting into the muds we are enjoying frequent hook ups on Jack crevalles up to 10lbs, barracudas, blue runners, lady fish, mackerel and the occasional tarpon as they bust up on the mullet. It’s a hoot.

The flats fishing is also good too with our warmer than normal water temps. The bonefishing is still good on the flats with permit too. Also on the flats in the backcountry anglers can expect plenty of shots at bonnethead sharks as well as one of the best times of the year for barracudas as well. Check out our Key West fish species list

From what I see in the forecast, we are not due for any weather changes till the end of next week where our air temps dip a little. Other than that it looks like an unseasonably warm November and an amazing time to go Backcountry fishing in Key West.

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