Key West Fishing For September

Fishing In Key West for September….. Dream Catcher Charters

Grouper Fishing Key West

Red Grouper, It's what's For Dinner

Tail end of summer. Kids are back to school and Key West has taken that ever so solemn quiet time that we get ever year at this time. I personally love this time a year as a resident and a fisherman. Two of my favorite kids of fishing are off the chain and this year we get an added bonus with a kick ass offshore bite. Details in this article.

I fish both inshore, and offshore. Wrecks, reefs, flats, patch reefs, deep reefs, deep drop, trolling, kite, fly fishing and light tackle. With all that on my resume as a professional fishing guide I have only had a few people bother to ask me. Whats my favorite? In my response, I am certain that you would see my face kinda crinkle up and in my eye you can see me trying to make a choice. The easy answer is “all of it” but, those that know me, Know, I don’t give easy answers. So….Here are my favorites…Permit on the flats on a perfect tide, and great bottom fishing for grouper and snapper.

Thats precisely why September is one of my favorite months for fishing. Great weather, usually calm and not to, to hot.

Key West Flats Fishing Report

The permit are on the flats and they are tailing up a storm almost as if they have not eaten all summer. Fish in HUGE numbers are all over the place.. The last day I fished the flats was for two hours in a photo shoot for Calcutta and we landed 2 tailing fish and saw countless others. that was a week ago. The boys have been at it every day here at Dream Catcher Charters and seeing lots of fish. Hard to cast to on a flat calm day because they are super edgy.. But.. what FUN!!!. No, that, on top of…. THE BEST PART OF OUR BONEFISH SEASON>. yes.. you heard it.. right from me.. The bonefish are everywhere and they are FAT. Key West Bones reaching 7 lbs are un heard of but we are catching them. Now… THERES MORE>>….. Tarpon.. That day that we landed two permit, Well, before we went for them we jumped baby tarpon on fly not 150 yards from where we saw the permit. Its nuts here, the pressure is off, all the part time fishing guide wanna bees are gone and we have the flats to ourselves.. ITS AWESOME>. Judging by our schedule here at Dream Catcher Charters people are figuring it out too, we have been running non stop out to the backcountry for some incredible fishing.
ADD THIS>. The fun fish factor.. Flats fishing is a sight fishing sport and not for everyone.. BUT.. we have a charter that offers a taste of sight fishing, then, we go catch fish. FUN FISHING we call it. Good times.. Capt. Kyle and his anglers the other day were 2/10 of a pound short on light tackle world record lady fish at 5 lbs. He says they are everywhere..  On top of that a 21 inch trout was caught and released as well. Along with these easy to catch fish we are also catching some nice jacks too.

Second Favorite.. Offshore bottom fishing.

Key West Deep Sea Fishing Report

I Had a trip yesterday with some very nice folks from Ft Lauderdale and Texas. Group of 4 and we had a ball. Headed west to fish some spots in 190 ft and caught a nice batch of Amber jacks on 30lb test. Big fun hard fight. Out there we also caught some grouper and a nice mutton snapper. We were hoping for a drive by mugging of dolphin but it did not happen. Well, only so long can you fish in 200 ft manually, so I cut these guys a break and shot into my stuff in 60 -70 ft. There we busted up on mutton snappers up to 13 lbs, Mangrove snappers up to 6 lbs and nice red groupers up to 18lbs.. it was a hoot and I might add tasty….. Fun times..

The big surprise is… The offshore fishing last week was hazardous Yes, absolutely dangerous if you were a dolphin and found your way around the Triple Time with Capt. Joe Mercurio and his Mate Dave Wiley. We booked some folks on their boat for a day of blue water fishing and all week they have been HOOKED UP>… nice work. Great times too. Dolphin in the 10 – 15 lb range gaffers, and schoolies. September is not a usual time for good dolphin fishing I guess unless you are on the Triple Time. Nice work guys…

If you would like to book a great day of offshore fishing get on the Triple Time with these guys,.. Love them and our clients Island Gen puts with them have a blast.
Call Island Genn at 1-888-362-3474 To Learn more. 

Well thats it for now.. I need to clean up some gear we wrecked yesterday and set my sights toward next weeks fishing…

If you are looking for a great fishing adventure give us a call here at Dream Catcher Charters. We do it all and if we can’t we know someone who can. Island Genn has been booking fishing charters for Key West visitors for over 10 years. Go with the real Pros of Key West.


About Capt. Steven Lamp
Dr Catcher Is - Capt. Steven Lamp - Owner of Dream Catcher Charters is a veteran Key West fishing guide for flats fishing, deep sea fishing, wrecks and reef fishing, and fly fishing. An expert waterman and licensed captain since 1986. A Veteran of the United States Coast Guard Heavy Weather Search and Rescue, I.G.F.A. Certified Captain and Standing regional board member of The Florida Fishing Guides Association