November Fishing Report and Forecast

Mutton Snapper and Angler Lots of bait is bringing in the Mutton Snappers other Backcountry fishing
Mutton Snapper and Angler

Lots of bait is bringing in the Mutton Snappers other Backcountry fishing Key West

November 2nd 2016 – My goodness is it windy. Almost like mother nature is mad at us. For the last few weeks we have had unseasonably strong winds here fishing in Key West and it is definitely hampering our offshore efforts to get on some of the fantastic Key West reef fishing and blackfin tuna fishing we have this time of the year.

With 20 mph hour winds out of the E and NE anyone can guess what its like offshore outside the reef. Yup its rough. But we have had some great Key West deep sea fishing charters go out and catch some nice fish. Blackfin tunas are very popular this time of the year and this week is no exception. The tunas are crushing a trolled bait and live bait like its a passion. We have also gotten some reports of large dolphin (mahi mahi) in the mix from a few of our boats getting nice ones in the 30lb range. Thats a welcome surprise this time of the year especially in these winds as our anglers have earned it.

On the reef the yellowtail bite is off the chain with mutton snappers crushing baits in waters less than 30 feet. Thats exciting especially when we are talking about the two rock stars of any good fish sandwich. Again.. you will earn it. With the winds at 20 mph expect 3-5 ft choppy seas at the reef. Check out our Key West reef fishing here at Dream Catcher Charters

In the Key West backcountry fishing things are equally as fun with a little less extra effort as it is not as rough. Hidden amongst the island there are plenty of places to hide from the winds, stay dry and catch lots of fish making a great day of Florida Keys Fishing here in Key West. Our winter species have shown up here in Key West with the cooler temps and we expect it to even get better after this next cold front comes through this weekend. There are plenty of Jacks for casting to, barracudas in the shallows, permit and sharks on the flats fishing and trout hanging out in the grass.

Check Out Our Yellowtail Snapper Fishing Video

Forecast.. Looks like we are going to have a cold front push through on Thursday (tomorrow) dipping our air temps down for a low of the upper 60s by Friday. The air temps will change things for the better in the backcountry lowering our water temps and making a great bite through the weekend. Offshore the North winds from the front will help the bite as well, it might even encourage the sailfish bite to improve as the blackfins continue to pummel the bait. With the North winds the reef and deep sea fishing will be easier with less seas.. After the forecast period I see more of the same with what we have in the way of winds. Perfect for the Key West world championships power boat races Held in Key West the week of the 10th. Check out our Key West events calendar to see more..

Pro Tip.. For our fishing charters we use nothing but the best in Fluorocarbon from SeaGuar. great abrasion resistance and fluid line strength and nearly invisible. As we all know, if the fish tastes good he can see well making him hard to catch. Help keep our free fishing report web site up and running by clicking the following link. Thanks.

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