Flats Fishing Season Is Here.

Key West Flats Fishing Season

June 28th 2018 –  Ok, its flat calm and the water is super clear. Most of the out of towner flats fishermen have left for the season and we have the place to ourselves here in Key West for arguably the best part of the Key West Flats fishing season. I just love the summers here in Key West. As I write this I hear the

Flats Fishing Permit

Flats Fishing For Permit. Sight fishing is very rewarding.

distant rumble of the summer thunderstorms that frequent our tropical atmosphere on a daily basis only to stick around for a few minutes and dissipate. The beginning of July marks the time of the year when I put my technical skiff in the water to take people flats fishing in if they are looking for a traditional poling skiff. I still use my Yellowfin bay boat for my Key West fishing trips as well that don’t require me to get in super skinny water.

Flats Fishing

Through the years as I manipulated the way we market our fishing charters, I have made flats fishing more of a discipline here at Dream Catcher Charters than a type of fishing. Both backcountry and flats fishing are done in the same general locations and for the same species. Flats fishing is more dedicated to sight fishing for the big three tarpon, permit and bonefish. It requires the anglers to be more hands on with ability to be accurate sight casting with fly or spinning rod based off of a command from the guide where to cast. Flats fishing also lends itself to be a lower volume of catch and always catch and release.

In Contrast backcountry fishing opens up the flats fishing to easier tactics, a little more guide involvement, flexibility on species with less talent needed to catch them. Catch and keep is practiced for our legal sized edible species, but we keep just enough for lunch. Best described.. Backcountry is easy going flats fishing.

Key West Fly Fishing For Bonefish Video.

July is an amazing time of the year for flats fishing here in Key West. We have some of the best flats fishing in the world for bonefish, permit and tarpon to chase the Key West grand slam. In recent years we have even been seeing some mutton snapper on the flats to make the Key West super slam. My favorite fish on the flats to fish for are permit. Fly fishing or spin fishing these fish really bring out the sportsman in most of my anglers. July, August, September and October are great months for stalking these fish as they are feeding on the flats. From now till November the bone fishing will be awesome and a great species to add to your day of flats fishing. Last but certainly not the least we have tarpon around almost all year.

Your Choice

You can either fish the flats with us here in our state of the art bay boats that offer the same amount of ability to get after the grand slam as a smaller skiff, just a little less tippy, larger casting deck and a little more windy weather tolerant. On the bay boat we can fish 2 two anglers at a time unless fly fishing and safety dictates just one and taking turns. Although we don’t recommend it, we can take 3 persons on a bay boat for a flats fishing experience.

Flats Fishing Skiff Boat

Flats Fishing Boat. Poling Skiff. Notice the platform in the back where the flats fishing guide stands. This is my personal poling flats fishing skiff. It is 17ft long.

Our smaller flats fishing skiffs are the traditional way to go flats fishing. Super shallow water capable and stealthy. I personally like to only fish one angler on my flats skiff but two can come along, they just have to take turns fishing, especially when we are fly fishing. The skiff is a great way for husband and wife to enjoy the day if she is a non fisher person. She can watch all the action from a very comfortable chair on the boat.

This Week Flats Fishing

The full moon in June and July are great times to fish for permit on the flats. With a massive amount of water moving the permit are able to forage for food in new places making them good targets for the sight fisherman. Our tarpon are still around in great numbers here in Key West making the tarpon fishing excellent early in the morning. Bonefish are up on the flats as well and we are seeing more and more of them here in Key West making us a great bonefishing destination.

So.. there you have it. Flats fishing in July. I personally have some availability on my flats skiff or my bay boat for anyone that would like to get out there with me this summer and fall I am happy to take you. Rates start at $450.00. Key West Fishing Rates. Give my office a call or text us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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