Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen

Neutrogena Sunscreen Neutrogena Sunscreen Clear Face SPF 30
Neutrogena Sunscreen

Neutrogena Sunscreen Clear Face SPF 30

Sunscreen is one of those things you should do No Wait…  Have To Do.. when you are going to be out in the sun all day or even part of the day. especially when you are flats fishing or backcountry fishing here in Key West. It is imperative to cover your exposed skin in a good sunscreen lotion. We like the Neutrogena sunscreen product to protect ourselves.

As anyone can imagine in my career that spans back to the mid 80’s I have had some serious sun exposure and so far – Knock on Wood – I have yet to meet the scalpel and have any of my beautiful (kidding) skin cut off from a skin cancer of sorts. I have friends, family and guys that fish for me here at Dream Catcher Charters that have had some extensive work done and we are always trying to find the best ways to protect ourselves. So I thought I would take a minute to write this down and share with the class what we think is the best suncreen on the market.

Lets Look At Some Skin Cancer, Sunscreen Facts..

  1. Skin Cancer is Caused by Ultra Violet Rays from Sunshine.. Yep…. thats what causes it.
  2. Melanoma (skin cancer) is one of the most deadly forms of cancer.
  3. Sunscreen is the number 3 way to prevent skin cancer. 1. stay in doors 2. cover up with clothes.
  4. If you don’t put on sunscreen – it won’t work. Having it in your bag doesn’t get it on your face.

So, with that tid bit of data.. I have done a ton of research and testing for the best sunscreen to keep me protected. We go fishing with many doctors and our own dermatologists suggest products the help prevent us from becoming a Christmas Ham every time we go get a check up. And most agree on one product. Neutrogena. The folks at Neutrogena have taken a ton of steps to test their product and we test it every day for them as well in the harsh environment of the Key West sunshine. I also hate sunscreen that feels like Axel grease.. I wont use it I won’t I won’t I won’t. The Neutrogena Clear face SPF 30 is great. Goes on nice and smooth and not greasy or weird feeling.

Here Are The Exact Links I Use On Amazon To Buy My Neutrogena Sunscreen.

Here at Dream Catcher Charters our guys and I have been using the Neutrogena product every day for a few years. I personally like the Clear Face 30 Sunscreen shown here in this post that comes in a lotion and doesn’t feel like I am spreading axyl grease on my face. The only part of my body exposed to the sun for any length of time is my face and ears. Although I do wear a face cover I still take it off from time to time so my anglers on my boat can relate to a human face and not some terrorist looking dude.

Here is what I do.

When I am doing my morning thing, shaving and brushing my teeth knowing I am going to be on the water that day.  I have a bottle of the Neutrogena Clear Face 30 right on my sink ready to roll for me first thing. After I shave and wash my face I just put it on like its my job. There, I can wash my hands so I do not get sunscreen all over my bait first thing in the morning. BAM> I am protected.

At about 9 am on the water I have to eat somthing.. This is also THE WORST TIME OF THE DAY for sun because I am getting burned from the sun and the waters reflection under my had brim. So, I go in my back pack in my boat and get my snack and there it is. Another bottle of Neutrogena 30 SPF Clear Face. Right after my snack I put some more sunscreen on and wash my hands again. I keep a little bottle of dish soap in my pack to keep the sunscreen off my hands and my bait or flys.

At Noon I am mostly done with my day and the sun is higher. I put another coat on my ears and nose. Wash my hands and wrap up my day.

30 SPF (Skin Protection Factor) means that the sunscreen will allow you to be in the sun for 30 times more exposure than your naked skin can last.

Wash Your Hands!

Sunscreen tastes bad to you, so you know fish don’t want to taste it. Wash Your Hands before handling bait or a fly. I have seen a permit turn down a crab many times from an angler that did not wash his hands after applying sunscreen.

Spray On Sunscreen — SUCKS!!!!!

Spay On Sunscreen Sucks.

Please do not bring Spray On Sunscreen to your boat charter.

Stop bringing it or buying it on your vacation. Your captains hate the stuff and so will your skin. Its no Good.. Leave on the shelf in the drug store or at your house. If you have it in your bag throw it away get some lotion.  Spray on sunscreen gets all over everything and makes a boat even more slippery. It turns our vinyl on our cushions yellow – Just imagine what it does to your skin.. Please don’t bring it…

I hope this little post was helpful to all you sun worshipers out there. It still amazes me that some folks still sit out on the beaches and boat and use Oil like basting a turkey.

Happy Fishing..


Capt Steven


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