Tarpon Fishing Report

Tarpon Fishing Report for March 2019

tarpon fishing tarpon fishing report

March 26 2019 Wednesday – A bit windy day today for sure as I write this I can hear the Northerly winds buffeting my office window. The Northerlies are not uncommon this time of the year as the last of the cold fronts for the year struggle to remain in power over the tropical weather patterns that will be ushered in, in April / May timeframe.

Tarpon Fishing Report

It’s March. When we get our biggest tarpon here in Key West. They are fat, dumb and happy hanging out in the channels depth depending on the air temp. They are here. I will go ahead and say.. Its tarpon time. This last chill we had remained strong in the bite with tarpon being caught on days that were less than 70 degree air temp and North winds and full moon last week. Thats a good sign that the tarpon are here to stay and its game on.

Today is a little tough out there due to the strong North winds and tomorrow looks like it’s just gonna suck, but after that we are ready to catch some tarpon.

Tarpon Fishing Forecast

Now that the weather looks like its stabilizing and with only a few small bumps in the road with some minor cold fronts in the forecast here for Key West (like the one today) I don’t see anything that will change the tarpon fishing bite and We can move forward with a good bit of confidence going into April with tarpon fishing charter where everyone should have a good shot. The bite should be good with the decent tides through out the day until it gets super hot in mid May. Thats when the top of the day can get tough to get bit by a hungry tarpon.

Tarpon Fishing Charters

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