Tarpon Fishing Season Is Here

Key West tarpon fishing is coming in to full swing with beautiful weather and incredible fishing. Let's hope we can re open Key West soon.

Juvenile tarpon Tarpon Fishing season in Key West.

April 19 2020 – The most amazing weather I have seen in the spring time here in the Keys since I moved here in 1991. Slick calm days with mild temps and water temps in the 80s. It’s a sport fishing dream. I just wish we could share it with the regulars that have kept us going since Dream Catchers started in 1994.

Many have asked about when we think the Keys will re-open. I can’t say nor do I like to speculate.. BUT.. If you want to stay informed become members of our Face Book group.

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Tarpon fishing report

Tarpon are moving through the basins and on the edges of the flats in great numbers. Some will say that it’s due to lack of boat traffic, I say not true. There are more boats out and about every day of the week right now due to folks not being at work, enjoying the beautiful days on the water, low fuel prices and the fishing right now is epic.. The tarpon don’t seem to be bothered one little bit.

I have been on the water all week this past week fishing the flats. Typically this time of the year I am tarpon fishing with my anglers that come here to tarpon fish, seeing as we have a shortage of anglers I decided to change it up, This past week I chose to mostly bonefish because I always wanted to step out side the box and bonefish in April to see what it was like (pretty awesome). While going from spot to spot I saw ample numbers of tarpon everywhere and folks taking advantage of the fantastic Key West fishing. I got distracted a few times and busted out the tarpon gear and made it happen putting my anglers on fish using both fly fishing and spin fishing techniques. It was fast and easy. We have been making sure to exercise our fleet of 12 boats regularly here at Dream Catchers and the guys have been tarpon fishing quite often with great results.

It’s early yet to call this a migration traditionally but I will say many of the patterns I have seen these tarpon up to looks very migratory. Early migration? Maybe. None the less there are tarpon everywhere and they are ready to eat.

Next week I am still in pursuit of bonefish but I will update everyone on the rest of the crew as they get out and do some fishing for tarpon. The new moon is on Wednesday so the tides should be pretty good.

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