Is It Tarpon Fishing Time In Key West?

March 28 2022 – Is It Tarpon Time in Key West? Well, let’s take a look at it. Late March is typically the start of our tarpon fishing here in on the southern most island. The weather has been dictating to us on a daily basis how and what we will be fishing for with our anglers here at Dream Catcher Charters. We have not had the typical day in and day out 20-25 mph Easterly winds that March usually slams us with but the late chill and weird wind directions are definitely having some effect.

Tarpon Key West
Dream Catcher Charters Captain helps this young angler boat a nice tarpon. We have all the right tools to make this look easy!

Tarpon Fishing Report

As March comes to a close I would say that it has been a “typical” tarpon fishing year so far. As the year has progressed we had a few days in February that the bite was hot. Hot enough where we thought wow, the season is going to start early. Then, wham.. They were gone and we were back to winter fishing. As March came we expected winds and the tarpon to show up in the creeks and channels like normal and they did, but crazy winds and unseasonal patterns that are hard to put your fingers on it. That said we have been getting our shots in the normal places and the laid up tarpon we generally see this time of the year are in the right spots and weather permitting they are chewing. So, all in all I’d say we are off to an Ok start for 2022.

Tarpon Fishing Charters In Key West

Since 1994 Dream Catcher Charter captains have been in the loop to know where the tarpon are, when they are around. State of the art boats built by names like Yellowfin Yachts that are dialed in to fish for tarpon.

Tarpon Fishing Charters Key West

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Tarpon Are Very Acrobatic They Love To Jump.

The Tarpon Fishing Forecast

Everyday is a moment of discovery with this weather. Today the weather is epic but all that seems to be getting ready to change. I am looking at the three day forecast in fear of my boats being blown off their jet docks (kidding). With winds up around 32 MPH scheduled for Wednesday the 30th (YIKES). Seems like March is trying to make up for its lighter wind days. After the blow this week though I am looking at the long range forecast and seeing some awesome weather for some great tarpon fishing through to next Wednesday as April brings on the high pressure Easterlies we are accustomed to this time of the year. Then, I think all will be good again and we go get into next level seasonal tarpon fishing.

Side Note

The last two years starting COVID things have been a bit slow for us here in Key West for tarpon fishing. Things this year are already looking brighter as we are finding them in more secluded “secret” spots.

Tarpon fishing is a huge portion of what we do here at Dream Catcher Charters this time of the year. When we are not distracted by the incredible deep sea fishing or reef fishing our tarpon fishing trips are an every day, most of the time twice a day thing for us. The captains that I work with here are always in the loop and fresh to get after them for their clients.

Currently we do have some availability for tarpon fishing charters here at Dream Catchers in Key West. Give us a call and we will go over all the options with you in person so you can chose the best experience for you. We will tell you exactly what it will cost and all of our boats are in amazing condition ready with state of the art tackle from DAIWA constantly updated daily. Also, we promise to actually be there for you God willing to take you fishing. No bait and switch or mystery trips that someone might get booking with a credit card on a booking site.

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