Cobia Are Coming To Key West

Cobia Fishing Key West, Florida with Capt. Steven Lamp Dream Catcher Charters

The Cobia are coming, The cobia are coming to Key West.

Paul Revere was warning about the british, I am telling you so we can get out there and land a beast for your dinner plate or to scratch one off your bucket list. The cobia are coming to Key West and some are already here.

My last trip to the wrecks was an eco tour. Yep, a trip where the people just wanted to look but not fish or kill. Thats when I saw him. A 40lb slob coming off a shallow wreck just west of Key West and he had an attitude. He knew I had nothing to get him with so he sauntered around like he owned the place. My clients swore he was a shark, who was I to argue the point. After about 5 minutes of this display of face slapping he was joined by two more. They got bolder and almost within gaffing distance against the gin clear waters. I am sure that would have set the tone of my boat gaffing a 40+ green cobia and tossing him in the back of the boat. Oh yea.. that goes over real well.

Anyway.. enough of that. Expect the numbers of cobia here in Key West to increase. I am getting the feeling across the board that the fish are setting up for a colder than usual winter. Our bait, our the species of fish and the numbers of them are much stronger than usual for October here in Key West. We are allowed to keep two fish per boat over 33 inches. Thats more than enough to eat. Whats nice is that Cobia can be harvested when grouper are out of season, a good trade off. Its not uncommon to get into 15 – 20 fish in a day of cobia fishing. We can catch them on spin fishing gear or fly gear your choice.

If any of you want to see what cobia fishing is all about watch this YouTube video of an angler that caught a cobia over 60lbs. These fish pull hard and fight till the death. also called Ling or Lemmon fish elsewhere, we call em Cobia. YouTube Cobia Fishing

Too book a fishing charter to go cobia fishing DO IT SOON. From now through February it should be good if not great..

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