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Permit-fish-flats Flats fishing for permit has been great this June here in Key West.

September 16th 2015 – The Ultimate Key West Fishing Adventure. Many of our regular fishing clients have said that I should write a page about the All In Wonder fishing charter. So here it is.

Getting the most of your day of fishing is the main goal for many of our anglers here at Dream Catcher Charters. Doing it affordably is also another. So I came up with the All In Wonder fishing charter. A trip that caters to the anglers who are trying to experience a little bit of everything or a lot of a day of fishing, keep it around a budget and see what Key West has to offer in the way of fishing.

The Pioneers

Backcountry fishing

Backcountry Fishing is where we start on the All In Wonder Fishing Charter

Here at Dream Catchers I pioneered the use of bay boats before our current competitors even existed back in 2004. Before that Dream Catchers was all flats boats and larger center console reef fishing boats. We were limited in both directions the flats boats could not go deeper and the center consoles not shallow. I knew there had to be a way to merge the two and offer our anglers more.  More diversity and a wider spectrum of fishing by using bay boats. Utilizing the latest in technology from Yellowfin Yachts, Mercury Marine, Garmin Marine Electronics, Power Pole Shallow Water Anchors and Motorguide Trolling Motors the whole package came together and it was a hit. Flats to deep reef in a day of fishing. The most you can do in a day of fishing in Key West. Its our most popular full day fishing charter we call it the “All In Wonder”..

This is not your ordinary day of fishing. The All In Wonder fishing charter requires a knowledgable guide in many different arenas. A flats guide typically does not fish the reef. The reef guides are not true flats guides. I just happened to be both. I had been fishing and diving the reef as a commercial fisherman since before I graduated high school. Taking up flats fishing in 1993 I was trying to diversify to cover the board. I had no idea I would fall in love with the shallows and stalking fish for my anglers, now I was proficient at both. Putting the two together just made sense. Since the inception of this charter I have hand picked a few fishing guides to help me offer this opportunity to our anglers. Personally trained and very proficient at this.

Here Is How It Works

This fishing charter can encompass many square miles of water. Mostly focusing on the backcountry and the

Key West yellowtail snapper

Yellowtail snapper sisters

flats of the inshore waters off of Key West and the Marquesas Keys. Also with good weather this fishing charter can include the reefs and shallow wrecks of the Atlantic Ocean side as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Its not uncommon for us to put on over 70 miles of running, thats why we need fast boats.

We start off the day fishing the backcountry. Our primary focus first thing in the morning most of the year is tarpon if they are around or in season. We carry live bait and artificial lures for the tarpon such as the Hogy Lures  See: Fishing Seasons to see if tarpon will be here when you are. Working the tarpon is part of any warm humid day in Key West. Should the tarpon not be around we will move to our winter species such as Speckled Sea Trout, Jacks, Blue fish, Cobia or lady fish to get our anglers warmed up for a nice long day of catching. There is always a backup plan and a way to get our day started with some fun rod bending.

A couple hours into the day the sun is high enough to get our anglers fishing the flats and show them some sight fishing for species such as permit, bonefish and barracudas. working the tides into our trip program this may vary. casting to fish in the shallows really sharpens our anglers eye. There is much to be learned here and the better skilled our anglers are, the better the results. The shallow water sight fishing is fun but we have noticed that our anglers, although they enjoy the challenge of the hunt get a little bored with this pure form of fishing so then we shift gears to liven things up.

Permit fish

Permit fishing is part of the All In Wonder fishing charter.

For those that enjoy catching more volume of fish we head out to the shallow wrecks or patch reefs located close to shore around Key West and the Marquesas Keys. There we find a whole new load of species ready to strike at just about anything. Barracudas, sharks, big jacks, blue runners the real possibility of permit (in case you missed one while fishing the flats). all the while casting and having fun catching. Many of our anglers have so much fun here that they don’t want to leave. Catching and having fun but there is one more ingredient that caps off the whole experience and thats the outer reef.  We then head to where the shallows drop off to the abyss of the deep blue waters of the Gulf Stream. There we find another huge mixed bag of fish that are not only good eating but also fun to fight. Yellowtail snapper, Grouper, Mackerel, King Mackeral, Jacks, barracudas and more. A none stop slug fest that will put the creme on anyones day of fishing.

As you can see the All In Wonder is an amazing fun filled packed day of all sorts of different kinds of fishing. The thing I stress to folks is communication. From the angler to the fishing guide. Tell us as much as you can about you hopes, dreams and ideas of Key West fishing and we will put a trip together that will focus on as much of it as we can. My favorite way to fish this trip is a species hunt. To catch as many different Key West species as possible, its not uncommon for anglers to catch as many as 15 different species over 18 inches each.

Booking An All In Wonder Signature Fishing Charter

Truthfully only a Dream Catcher Charters fishing guide can run a real All In Wonder fishing experience. Others may offer similar “replicas” but will cut corners and not encompass all that is possible. Often times we sell out of spots for this trip but are able to offer you a solution with a fishing guide trained by us. We tend to stay away from the windy months such as March for this trip. We book the All In Wonder by full day (8 and 10 hour) basis. Click here to learn what the current Key West Fishing Rate is for the All In Wonder fishing charter. 8 hours is the best way to get what this trip has to offer. It is recommended that you put 3 or less anglers on a boat for the All In Wonder trip. 2 is perfect and 1 may be a bit light as it will wear you out. See: All In Wonder Fishing Rates. for details in pricing of this trip.

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