Tarpon Fishing Report

Tarpon Fishing Key West

Glynn and Zach with a tarpon they had a chance to play with last week fishing with me on my Yellowfin 24 Carbon Bay boat. Caught on a Hogy 7″

May 7th 2017 –¬†With Fall like temps and conditions today I feel like there has been a time warp to late October here in Key West. If that was the case we would not be sold out here at Dream Catcher Charters and the¬†thousands of tarpon we are seeing flowing through our water ways would not be a thing.

Be it North winds and 75 degrees I am pretty sure the tarpon don’t care. We are looking at one of the nicest weeks I have ever seen in May. Typically its supposed to get really hot, muggy and very sticky out. We will save those conditions for the following week of May 15 and later. This week however the tarpon fishing report here in Key West has loads of fish and they are pretty much all over. It will not be hard for your tarpon fishing guide to find the fish, however unlocking the code to get them to eat might be a challenge from day to day or tide change.

Pro Tip: The full moon coming up will have its affect on tarpon fishing. The bite will be early morning or late afternoon and evening. Here is why. The tarpon have great night vision. With a full moon and a clear sky its easy for tarpon to see bait fish, shrimp and other tid bits to eat all night long, so, they feed. What better time than a full moon to take advantage of a helpless little dinner snack that might not be able to see you coming in to eat. I load more perspective to this in my article about the Full Moon Tarpon Fishing in my Tips and tricks section of this Key West Fishing Report.

Booking a Tarpon Fishing Charter: This might be a little tough at this point for May being the best month to catch the migration. Because of the full moon you have a good shot at tarpon in the evening. This is a huge advantage for a last minute booking as most folks believe the mornings are better. You may find a slot open in the evening to fish with us or your favorite fishing guide.

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