Tarpon Fishing Report..

Key West tarpon fishing report March 11 2019

Tarpon Along Side the boat hooked up Hooked On Tarpon

March 11 2019 – Its all about the weather this time of the year for tarpon fishing here in Key West. This week the weather has been great. Warm Easterly winds and lots of daylight have brought the tarpon fishing bite on early this year.

Everyday that we leave the dock we start off by looking for the shot at tarpon this time of the year. Although its not officially tarpon season we are able to get into some IF the conditions are right.. Currently we are finding them close by to Key West. Using live bait and some artificial lures we are being successful. There are a few laid up tarpon in the backcountry for the fly fisherman but they may be few and far between at this point.

Im not sure that I would book a fishing charter specifically focused on tarpon, if thats your dream but I think there is a great chance of finding them.

As the weeks of 2019 roll on our tarpon fishing gets more consistent. Toward the end of March we will start to see a very good pattern of caught fish daily. With that, we will be sold out on all of our backcountry Fishing and flats fishing spots.

To Book a tarpon fishing charter call our office. Backcountry fishing charters and Flats Fishing Charters will both get you shots at tarpon. Booking for April, May and June, it will be very important to book soon.

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