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Deep Sea fishing out of Key West

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July 1 2019 – The dog days of summer are here for sure. light to variable winds have the flats calm seas of Key West deep sea fishing easy to get to by just about any kind of boat, IF… they want to run for it..

Dolphin, mahi, mahi,
Deep sea fishing in the summer means long runs but lots of these guys..

Deep Sea Fishing Report

The dolphin (mahi mahi) are here and in great numbers but not great size on average. This is pretty typical for July but these conditions came to us late in June. The last couple weeks we have been seeing some dolphin in the upper teens (gaffers) and loads of them in the 3-10 pound range that we call Schoolies or Chickens. The rare 30lb mahi is being caught but they are few and far between the last week. A bonus is the sailfish and the blue marlin. We have had the stray sailfish hitting Mahi baits way offshore.

I was captaining a trip on our sport fishing boat the Viking 47 “IN XS” last week where we had a large blue marlin come up on us where he spent a bit of time slashing at our flat lines and took off with the trolled bait where my mate Paulette dropped back on him with a result that he escaped the hook. On board our 36ft Yellowfin “Too Intense” Capt. Rob also had a nice blue take a shot at his spread as well and missed. So, there is always a chance that the man in the blue suit might pay a visit.

Viking 47, deep sea fishing, sport fishing boat, convertible
My 47′ Viking Sport Fishing Charter Boat here in Key West. Ready to take you deep sea fishing anytime.

Deep Sea Fishing Forecast

With the Gulf Stream out off of Sand Key Light about 32 miles. The Gulf stream is the provider of the current that Mahi love to run. The Long boat ride is the consideration for mahi mahi. Stay short and roll the dice. There are some fish closer in the 400 – 600 ft range but they are scarce when there is little to no current and the Gulf Stream is so far offshore. I recommend at least a 6 hour day on a faster boat like our Viking 47′ “IN XS” or the “Too Intense” if you are looking to book a deep sea fishing charter. With the dark new moon the dolphin should be eating like champs during the day.

Looking over the weather maps and computer guidance I do not see any major changes to the weather patterns for the next 10 days. Flat calm and sunny right through the middle of the month. Making deep sea fishing a great way to go for a fun fishing charter here in Key West.

Summer time is a great time for any fishing charters in Key West. Deep sea fishing is a great way to put some meat in the box with catches of Dolphin (mahi mahi). Give us a ring to see about cost and availability, lets see if we have a solution for you..

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