September Looks Good For Mahi in Key West

August 30 2021 – When Ida passed by the Key West area she was just a tropical depression, not near the monster she turned into. We had some strong winds for a few days which apparently enhanced our Mahi Mahi bite. Now with the tropical heat back, calm winds and a close Gulf Stream we have a good shot at some great dolphin fishing.

mahi mahi
Fall fishing for mahi mahi off Key West

Deep Sea Fishing Report

Last few days have been very good offshore with a decent Mahi Bite inside 800 ft of water. Thats not a bad run this time of the year when the dolphin bite can not only be waning, really far offshore but also just dink sized fish that are eating up the baits being super annoying. With the strong dolphin bite the deep sea boats are staying unseasonably busier during a time when things typically slow here in Key West for fishing charters. Dolphin in the 10-15 lb range are being caught with many in the “just over legal” size taken as well making for a nice box of fish for our anglers.

Size limit on mahi is 20″ to the fork of the tail. Allowed 10 Per Person.

August full moon can hold a good shot at Marlin here off Key West. The new moons this summer have been holding some great wahoo fishing. Over all the summer has been a great one for Key West deep sea fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing Forecast

The Gulf Stream can be very unpredictable. Always moving in and out from one day to the next. The stream can enhance our possibility for catching fish in the blue water but here off Key West we don’t completely rely on it. In fact, our deep dropping is better when the stream is out a bit to lighten up our current. That said. With the great weather we have been having this week here in key West and the computer models are showing us a great next couple of weeks I would say that the deep sea fishing will remain the same. Maybe, even into the end of next week there will be more floating pieces of debris from the ravaging the IDA did in the Norther Gulf. Those pieces will be sent down but the Gulf loop current and make some nice places for dolphin and wahoo to hang out under.

Now that slow season is coming upon us here in Key West Deep sea fishing charters are becoming more available. Anglers should still book sooner than later to get the deep sea charter boat that they want.. Best thing to do is call us and we will go over all the different boats, options, amenities and pricing.. We can save you a bunch of time and money. We have our own deep sea fishing boats and work with many other colleagues here in Key West to make sure visiting anglers chose the right boats.

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