Flats And Backcountry Fishing Is Great!

September 6th 2021 – What a week of weather we had last week. Flat calm conditions for days and looks like more to come this week right on through the weekend. The crowds have diminished after the holiday weekend and the backcountry and flats are wide open for some amazing fishing here in Key West.

Juvenile baby tarpon
September is the time of the year for Juvenile Tarpon here in Key West.

Backcountry / Flats Fishing Report

I ran a few flats fishing charters last week and had a blast. Before the holiday weekend it was super peaceful out there and the fish were right where they were supposed to be. My anglers were fly fishermen and we were able to get our shots in before it got too hot. Some excellent shots at baby tarpon where he was able to jump a fish off and get another one to eat before heading to the trees.

See Video: Manatee cruising through our juvenile tarpon spot.

Its tough learning how to go fly fishing in salt water in addition to the accurate and longer casts needed with the use of a double haul for line speed. our fish need a different hook set to keep them locked on. All this is a fun way to learn with countless shots at tarpon..

Up on the flats we had some excellent opportunities at permit tailing up in the out going tide first thing in the mornings. No eats but a strong understanding of accuracy was learned about fly placement and how sketchy they can be with line falls on their heads.

See Video: Fly Fishing for Bonefish In The Marquesas Keys

Easier targets on using a fly fishing rod were the barracudas that were waiting patiently on the flats for a good snack. Here we caught a few of them using a closer minnow and #2 wire for bite tippet. A couple of these trips we turned our focus to bonefish completing the big three for Key West grand slam.

Backcountry / Flats fishing Forecast

No Storms On The Horizon!!! I love to say that in the beginning of September! The weather looks perfect all the way into the 15th.New moon is today and the tides will flow nicely the next few days. Bonefishing will be amazing next week with the lighter current flow. My bonefish are kinda lazy they like a slower flow and gather up in larger groups. This makes it really easy for my spin fishing anglers and my fly fishing anglers. Flats fishing for permit will be excellent for those that have the patience. Baby tarpon are pretty much everywhere I have been looking so far. I think it will be epic.

In the backcountry fishing we are catching lots of jacks, snappers, barracudas and sharks. Fun for the whole family to get out there and bend a rod with some good action. Bonus will be a tarpon in certain areas if the conditions are right.

Reef fishing is also a thing this time of the year for our bay boats that go out backcountry fishing. We scoot out to the reef and try some top water fishing for yellowtail snappers, yellow jacks and muttons.

So.. As you see we have some great Key West fishing. We only need you on the bow of our boats to get out there and enjoy it. No crowds, no problems all great days.. Just remember to Hydrate.. Drink lots of water, it’s hot out there.

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