November Cooler Temps Means Great Snapper Fishing

November brings a great snapper bite here in Key West. Cooler temps means shallower fish.

November 8th 2021 – While the rest of the country gets ready for the holidays we are ramping up for our amazing winter fishery here in Key West. The first real cold front of the year is still shaking the shutters outside my office with 15-20 mph winds out of the North keeping things chilled this morning with temps in the upper 60s. The best thing that can happen for our fishery here is a constant pattern of cold fronts about once a week.. Here is to wishing for mother nature to comply…

Fishing Report

October came to a close with the whacky Fantasy Fest. We got in some good fishing. Most notably was the snapper bite. Outer reef, inner patch reefs as well as our backcountry spots all reported some nice fishing that is very typical for this time of the year. Mutton snapper, yellowtail snapper, mangrove snappers and lane snappers will be the main focus of this report. All of it has been good.

Yellowtail Snapper
Yellowtail Snapper caught with Capt. Steven Lamp using artificial lures and no bait. In the shallow reefs.

Fishing Forecast

I just LOVE to fish the shallows for snapper. I use mostly artificial lures for my thing out on my full day Marquesas Keys fishing adventure and its been really good. The guys I fish with here at Dream Catcher Charters have been hitting the food fish as well with catches of snappers and spanish macheral. Add that to the early season trout fishing and our backcountry fishing charters are a great way to go and not roll the dice on sea conditions or weathe..

As the cooler temps proceed so will the snapper fishing inside the reef. This time of the year copious amounts of ballyhoo start to stack up on the surface. Cero mackerel see this is a golden opportunity to power feed on them. Under that mayle’ of death and carnage drops the pieces of the spoil. Natures own chum slick and the snapper with their huge appetites crush those pieces and anything else that gets in the way. Reef and Patch reefs will be holding loads of fish for our reef fishing charters that focus on filling the box with tasty filets.

Our backcountry fishing charters will also be taking advantage of the food fish in the coming weeks. We love to fish along the edges of the channels casting lures to find mutton snappers grazing for a snack. The bi catch here is amazing too. Large yellow jacks, jack crevalles, barracudas and smaller grouper come in and bust out baits often. If the weather is right for our smaller boats to venture out to the shallow reef patches the fishing can be amazing there as well with nice sized yellowtail snapper.

Mutton Snapper
Mutton Snapper caught using artificial lures with Capt. Steven Lamp on the patch reefs here in Key West.

Key West Fishing Charters

In this report we have covered reef fishing, near shore patch reef and Key West backcountry fishing. The three best ways out of Key West to get in on same tasty snapper action. The Key West fish species we spoke about were mutton snapper, yellowtail snapper, grouper, yellow jacks, jack crevalle, sea trout, barracudas and lane snappers. These are all fish that anglers can catch this time of the year here in Key West. Here at Dream Catcher Charters we offer fishing charters to all of it.

Booking a fishing charter for November and early December is pretty easy even at last minute. Folks like to watch the weather and its not our busy season. But.. starting December 22 things get super busy here and availability on all of our fishing charters, even deep sea fishing will be sold out by the end of November. Just a heads up.

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