October Deep Sea Fishing Mixed Bag Report

October 15th 2021 – Fall seems to be on the calendar but I’m not so sure it’s in the air. Temps have been in the upper 80s and kinda hot these last few weeks. Occasional showers to make things humid have been coming through our islands randomly. No effect on the deep sea fishing for this month as things are pretty good.

Viking 47 Deep sea fishing boat convertible underway
The “InXS” making way out fishing last week. Moving right along

Deep Sea Fishing Report Key West

Making light of the weather is how I usually start these reports. Where we get down to brass tacks is the fishing. October is not known for outstanding deep sea fishing here out of Key West. I like to call it a transitional month. Transitional, meaning that we just can’t count on it being one way or another. SO.. Here is how its been..

Summer like fishing has prevailed the first two weeks of October. Some days are stronger than others for mahi mahi much depending on conditions. With the meandering Gulf Stream moving in and out like a toddler learning how to walk. (sadly mostly out) This made for some long runs to get in the meat. However the Meat (mahi) was there most days making a nice box for folks going out on deep sea fishing charters. Add that to the fact the fish were decent sized.

In the mix many sailfish are being hooked for this time of the year. We have been seeing some very small sails nail our baits then not being able to get them down after the drop back. Of course we can count on the new moon around the 4th made for some great shots at wahoo. Some nice fish were boated early in the month. So October was off to a great start.

Find The Weed Find The Fish

This week things were a bit more random and full of surprises. The first weed lines were in about 400 feet, then another at 700 ft. My deep sea fishing charter aboard the INXS yesterday I stayed a little closer to the 400 ft line nearest to the reef where my 6 hour trip yielded a couple of mahi, a couple of kingfish, a couple of barracudas. All Followed by a fantastic smash and dash wahoo that cut us off. Only to be compounded by a very nice sailfish that spit the hook at the transom. Heartbreakers for sure.

On board our Yellowfin 36 “Too Intense” with Capt. Rob went the distance for some gaffer mahi in the 700 ft range. These fish were boated along with a shot at a billfish that was lost just after hook set. Today Capt. Rob boated two nice mahi while fishing just past the wall. His crew also got an added show of a blue marlin eating a micro mahi.

Along with that some random reports of other kingfish and a white marlin were also mentioned. So all in all I am not even a little disappointed how October is shaping up offshore. Quite the mixed bag and some really nice mahi.

mahi mahi dolphin fish deep sea fishing key west
Fresh off the boat. These love birds caught two love birds mahi mahi (Bull and Cow) deep sea fishing on board the “Too Intense” with Capt. Rob here at Dream Catcher Charters today.

Deep Sea Fishing Forecast

Looking ahead Sunday is the last day of the perfect weather. Winds start to crank up to 20-25 just like normal for this time of the year for at least four days starting on Monday. This will certainly mix things up.

Typically in October fishing can be so slow (not the case this year) we pray for the Northerly winds to show ushering in the first cold fronts. This typically turns off the summer bite for a bit and turns on the Blackfin tunas, bonito, kingfish and Sailfish bite.

Up on the reef the cero mackerels will be making a mess of the massive amounts of ballyhoo. The color changes are not uncommon keeping the best fishing closer to the reef.

Looking even further forward the winds should come down next weekend around the 22 or so. Hopefully with some cooler dryer weather. The reef fishing is coming alive and will get better and better through November and December. This will be making some great fun fishing the deep sea waters off Key West.

Things to watch for. The mahi bite can be good in any winds however during our cooler months. A Southeast wind between fronts can really usher in a great mahi bite. Add that to a full moon and your chances of a marlin are boosted in November. The wahoo bite is almost always better near the new moon. Cooler North Easterlies are great for sailfish possibilities with a good shot at blackfin tuna bite.

Key West Deep Sea Fishing Charters

October and November are typically the offseason for Key West. Things are kinda weird this year and we are all still pretty busy with fishing charters across the board. Calling in advance is a great way to get on the best / nicest boats. We can help.. Island Genn is right here in Key West and knows all the captains very well. She can help you chose the options. All based off what you wish and getting you on the right deep sea fishing charter to fit your budget.

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