Warm Weather Has Tarpon In March Key West

March 6th 2023 – It’s been hot.. Ok, not really but we can call it really warm. Mid and sometimes upper 80s this last week to 10 days in the top of the day here in Key West. The warm weather has tarpon all around Key West here in the beginning of March. Will it last? Who knows? The fun thing about weather is the un-predictability of it. I love a good surprise. Keep your eye on that 10 day forecast as it looks like Mother Nature is not finished with winter 22′ 23′.

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Capt Karl has a tarpon by the jaw for his client here in Key West at Dream Catcher Charters

Tarpon Fishing Report For Key West

The captains here at Dream Catcher Charters have been in the tarpon pretty much daily if that is what our clients want to fish for. Although it is not uncommon to get a nice push of late February tarpon it is always a roll of the dice. I just love fishing for Tarpon in February in early March, just because of the weather can be so nice, however it’s actually been pretty hot here as I mentioned before. I really don’t care for the unpredictability of it, fishing this time of the year for tarpon. Many of our anglers come here year in and year out to go fishing with us. Consistency is one of the things they plan their vacations on. When the season tosses us a gift this time of the year its hard to explain to folks.. Don’t plan on it. Things change allot from one year to the next.

tarpon leadered
Capt. Tommy has a tarpon to the leader. IGFA calls this a catch. We do what we can to ensure a tarpons chance of survival.

Good news.. Looks like we are going to have a stellar tarpon season this year. Judging by all the fish we are seeing now which has not been a thing the last few years. Slow picking mid March followed up with a migration in May that was just Meh..

I often tell folks that late February early March is not Tarpon season although the last 10 days we’ve been blessed with tarpon, jumping a bunch of fish and having a great time with our clients catching tarpon.

Key West Tarpon Fishing Forecast  

Looking forward there’s a cold front coming in next weekend. Looks like we’ll have temperatures dipped down into the 60s. This will certainly have its affect on the shallow water where the tarpon are at this time. I will assume that the tarpon will move out into the gulf for little bit, or dive deep and lay in the deeper channels, but nonetheless, the bite should still go back on shortly after as things warm back up. Mid March is when I consider the beginning of our big girl, tarpon season. That’s when the big fish move it out of the gulf come in and feed on our massive amount of bait that’s being found all over the back country and make themselves easy targets for our angler here at Dream Catcher Charters.

Tarpon Fishing Charters

Booking a tarpon fishing charter this time of the year or trying to come down to the Key West to catch a tarpon this time of year I would typically say its a roll of the dice. This past week being any indication looks like the odds are ever in your favor. Before Friday of next week (17th) You can book a fishing charter that has tarpon fishing as your focus and I think that we can get it done. The cold front will certainly slow things down a little bit but it’ll be right back online by the following Monday or Tuesday. From what I see a warming trend that’s coming in behind. After that.. its anyones guess. I will refer to my 25++ years of fishing Key West tarpon with folks and say that I will expect the eastern winds to pick up due to high pressure that establishes itself over the eastern seaboard during our Spring and provides us fresh breezes out of the east, those fresh breezes can be anywhere between 20 – 25 Mile Per hour on the daily. These conditions can be a bit rough in a little bit choppy, but the tarpon fishing will not change it will be awesome and it’s a good thing because tarpon fishing is relatively easy even at high Easterly winds with the captains at Dream Catcher Charters.

Tarpon Fishing Charters

Give us a call and we will go over what we know everything about the weather. Everything about what we’ve been doing in fishing and will guide you directly to get you in a great trip. This might be a great opportunity to go tarpon fishing.

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