June Flats and Backcountry


June 6th 2022 – June flats and backcountry fishing looks great here in Key West. Its no secret the start of June is also the start of hurricane season. Well, we got off to a good start this past weekend with a Tropical depression. We so needed the rain and some wind to stir things up a bit. We got it. Two days of downpours with breakfast spots, Top Gun and day drinking were in full order as we waited for the low to lift. Now it is hot as hell just like June should be with light winds and high pressure in the long range forecast.

Fishing Report

May fishing was pretty decent for our backcountry and flats fishing trips but could have been better to compare to other years. While we normally get a reprieve from the winds this May was a bit windier than most. Add that to the random rain weather patterns we have had for the last couple weeks things were a bit challenging at times. The tarpon fishing has not been the best I have seen here in Key West. Better than last year but still not legendary as years before. However the flats have been fantastic for permit and bonefish when the weather has let up enough for us to be able to see to sight fish them with our anglers.

Permit Fish
Permit are always fun to catch. Our anglers at Dream Catcher Charters really enjoy the thrill.

One of the things I have noticed in my trips out in the flats and backcountry has been the good number of large barracudas on the flats. This, I think is a result in the limits the FWC put on them some years back. This was when our local fishing guides were whacking them left and right to use the for shark bait. One place that I can see protection measures worked. Barracudas are a great sport fish on the flats to fill in between bites of our harder to catch slam species. Did you know that barracudas are one of the most popular sport fish in the Florida Keys?

Barracuda Fishing Flats in June
These guys lay in wait for a clumsy baitfish to come by. Our flats fishing trips can be great for big barracuda on light tackle.

Pro Tip – Barracuda Fishing On The Flats In June

When I am working the flats I always keep a side eye for things that will get my anglers blood pumping in between shots at permit or bonefish, enter the barracuda. Generally if the flat is good for the other species, it will also be good for barracudas. Cooler water, 10 – 20″ deep, some but not too much flow and a white spot on the flat. Barracudas love to ambush. They use the white spots as a visual transition. As the baitfish swims over the white their eyes will adjust to the bright making them an easier kill and easier to see. before the cast I instruct my anglers to lead the fish by a few feet and always cast past the barracuda and in front of him. This way the bait swims by him like its any other day.. WHAM!…. My favorite artificial lure is the MirroLure Mirrodine XL. Its perfect. I use 15lb braided line with 40lb Fluorocarbon leader to the lure. No Wire. Yes, occasionally due to angler mistakes I lose a lure but get way more eats.

Flats And Backcountry Fishing Forecast

With the weather looking amazing for the next foreseeable future. June fishing here in Key West things should go Key West normal summer-like in our conditions. Calm winds and hot as hell. Great inshore fishing for all the flats fishing species such as bonefish and permit. On our backcountry fishing, expect better tarpon fishing. The tarpon fishing was picking up before the tropical depression and now I think they will really start to chew. While fishing for tarpon our by-catch will consist of yellow jacks, jack crevalle, Mutton snappers, mangrove snappers and all the sharks. So, there is plenty to have fun with.

June is a great month to try for tarpon in Key West on our backcountry fishing charters.

With the nicer weather we are able to add an additional component to our backcountry fishing charters here at Dream Catcher Charters. Fishing the patch reefs. When the winds are light we are able to take our 24 ft bay boats out to the reef and patch reefs where we can cast and catch lunch for our anglers. This is not something we guarantee but it happens.

June is a great time to visit Key West. Its the beginning of our off season. The room rates should be coming down and the crowds start to get smaller. Our bookings in June are pretty tight but we still have some availability for folks to get out on our amazing boats with our professional fishing guides to have some fun bending rods and making memories without costing a fortune and getting sea sick.

Anglers should always call us directly using an out of state booking service only leads to heartache and broken dreams. We can help with every facet of your Key West fishing vacation.

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