Deep Sea Mahi Mahi Bite Hit Or Miss

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July 9th 2022 – The Deep Sea Mahi Mahi Bite was hit or miss last week here off of Key West but had some additional surprises. This can be expected this time of the year the dog days of summer have come with calm waters and hot temps. The deep sea fishing forecast shows an improvement for next week as the moon gets full and the winds get steady.

Mahi mahi For dinner caught on board the INXS

Fishing Report

Everybody loves to catch and eat Mahi Mahi. Arguably the most popular fish we go deep sea fishing for. We think they are the fastest growing fish in the ocean. They say a Mahi can grow to 20″ in as little as 6 weeks. Thats just the legal size to keep and put on a plate. They range for miles and seemingly get caught around the world.

The struggle bus was real this past week mahi fishing off of Key West. With scattered grass all over hell and back there were micro dolphin (undersized) then there were Ultra micro (thats even smaller). Eeking out a legal fish over 20″ to the fork was possible IF you put in the time to get it done and did not mind shagging weed in the process. It was, to say the least, a challenge for our deep sea fishing crews but most of us managed to put together a box of fish to send home with our anglers with a couple of decent sized mahi caught along the way by a few of our deep sea fishing boat. As a bonus there was also a sailfish and white marlin landed last week. An unusual (for this time of the year) color change was just off the reef producing some good fish for those that put in the time..

On board my boat the “InXS” the week did not go by without some heart breakers. Working some tuna birds in about 550 on Thursday we got smashed. It was a very large tuna that my anglers fought for a long while on a 30. We were heartbroken to lose him on a fast lunge for the props right before the gaff. We were able to consistently put fish on ice. Along the way we had some other run offs by mystery fish that were hard drag pullers and pulled the hook and cut us off. We think they were wahoo or pelagic barracudas. A busy week for us and for me fishing deep sea and inshore flats fishing.

Last week was a struggle for all of us no doubt but the fishing still was not tragic.

Pro Tip: Dont run over fish to catch fish.. Pelagic’s love a good color change.. the sharper the better. Heading out maybe stop to spend some time on the change to see what might be available before burning that expensive fuel to go long.

Mahi mahi
Putting together a nice box of mahi for our peeps. Key West deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Forecast

Moving into this week coming up things are looking up. The winds are going to drop bringing up the temps. Stay hydrated. The current is still out there and the weed lines are starting to stack up like normal with the prevailing South South East winds throughout the week. The upcoming extra super duper monster full moon on Wednesday will certainly stir things up with increased shot potentials at bill fish. Remember the clear skies at night on a full moon will promote night feeding and the Mahi may be a bit tough to catch till around 11 am or noon. That said, the bill fish may take advantage in the morning to feast on some fat and happy prey.

We have an outgoing tide with loads of flow headed toward the reef most of the day during the moon. We will be looking for that color change to get tight and maybe hold some nice fish without having to make the run.. Always worth a look see..

Deep Sea Fishing Charters

July is a great time to go deep sea fishing in Key West. Many folks come to Key West to take adavantg of the off season room rates and our Florida Lobster Mini season at the end of the month. Most of the deep sea fishing charters here in Key West will be focused on Mahi mahi and bill fish for the month. Give us a call and let us help you find a fishing charter that will not only fit your budget but also your needs in a sport fishing boat so you and your group of 6 or less will be comfortable.

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